Emergent Genetics offers producers picker types, stormproof varieties for 2005 season

Emergent Genetics Inc. offers several outstanding varieties for the 2005 planting season.

Among those are Stoneville brand stacked Bollgard/Roundup Ready picker varieties, ST 5242BR and ST 5599BR, which have demonstrated high-yield potential and excellent fiber packages in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. ST 5242BR is an early- to mid-maturity variety, while ST 5599BR is a medium-maturity variety that offers unmatched root-knot nematode tolerance. Both varieties offer outstanding early season vigor.

Two stacked Stoneville brand Bollgard II Roundup Ready picker varieties, ST 3636B2R and ST 4646B2R, offer broad-spectrum lepidopteran control and demonstrate high-yield potential.

This year, growers are encouraged to try two new picker varieties — stacked ST 4575BR and single gene Roundup Ready variety ST 4686R — because in addition to delivering high yield potential and excellent fiber quality, the parent germplasm of these varieties will carry the Roundup Ready Flex technology that is expected to be officially approved for 2006 planting.

The new NexGen brand Roundup Ready varieties, NG 1553R and NG 2448R, have been developed for Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas High Plains growers who need stormproof cotton with high-fiber quality.

Stoneville brand stripper varieties include early maturity ST 2454R, early- to mid-maturity ST 3539BR, and new medium-maturity ST 3664R.

For more information, go to www.stoneville.com.

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