Aug. 31 deadline for ugliest truck photos

We’re nearing the Aug. 31 deadline for ugliest truck photos, so we would like to share some top contenders and perhaps challenge readers to see if they can match or exceed the ugliness portrayed in this gallery.

Just a reminder, trucks will be judged on overall condition. The more rust the better. Dents add character and a missing fender or hood from a different vehicle will be an advantage. Dirt helps. Junk in the truck bed also lends authenticity. Chains, old plow points, beat-up pieces of metal of uncertain origin add a hint of mystery to the entry.

Remember, a $100 gift certificate will be awarded to the winner, which could buy some of these vehicles or at least go a long way toward hauling them to the nearest recycle facility—junkyard.

Judging will be conducted by readers.

More than one entry is allowed per farm if anyone cares to admit to having two or more ugly trucks.

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