NTech-OSU's GreenSeeker sprayer plays doctor's role

Yesterday's science fiction has become today's science fact. The partnership of NTech Industries, Inc., Ukiah, Calif., and Oklahoma State University (OSU) has produced the GreenSeeker, a new generation of agricultural sprayers. The GreenSeeker essentially plays the role of a doctor, analyzing symptoms and administering proper treatments to promote healthy crops and the best possible yields.

OSU recently announced a signed license and master research agreement with NTech Industries, Inc., which will manufacture the GreenSeeker.

GreenSeeker sensors give plants a physical, write prescriptions and deliver the optimal amount of fertilizer in fractions of a second as they travel across a field, instead of applying the same, average amount over an entire field. The technology promises to benefit producers, the environment, and consumers around the world.

“Fertilizer is a major expense for producers. The GreenSeeker will allow them to be more prudent and efficient in the use of fertilizers, specifically nitrogen,” said Bill Raun, professor at the OSU Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.

D.C. Boston, Oklahoma Agriculture Experimental Station associate director said, “This is truly a landmark development, and has the potential to solve the world food problem.”

Norman Borlaug, the only Nobel Peace Prize recipient for agriculture and father of the worldwide “Green Revolution,” traveled to Stillwater to deliver the keynote address for the ceremonies.

“First of all, this does two things. It improves the efficiency of the use of fertilizer and at the same time it reduces run-offs into the water systems.” Borlaug said.

The GreenSeeker uses the same technology as the WeedSeeker, a self-contained unit with infrared light emitting diodes and electronics to sense and spray only weeds. The GreenSeeker's advanced optics and computer circuitry has been taken to a new level of precision by also detecting the nitrogen level in a plant.

“It would not be possible to do what we're doing without the cooperation of OSU and its team of researchers,” said John M. Mayfield, NTech's CEO. “They have done something nobody else in the world has done, making it possible to manage fields of crops meter by meter.

NTech Industries, Inc.'s, main office is located in Ukiah, California. Its Patchen division is currently manufacturing the WeedSeeker. Ntech will open a facility in Stillwater, Okla., enabling it to work closely with the OSU researchers.

For more information contact:
John M. Mayfield, NTech Industries, Inc., 740 South State Street, Ukiah, Calif., 95482 or Tel: 888-728-2436, or E-mail:
[email protected], or visit the Website: www.NtechIndustries.com

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