Texas Peanut Board changes locations

Shelly Nutt is taking over from Mary Webb, who recently retired.

New headquarters will be 1208 14th St., Suite 601, Lubbock, Texas 79401. New office number is (806) 687-6363 or toll free (800) 734-0086. Fax number is (806) 687-6366.

Nutt says the move follows a recent shift in peanut acreage from Central Texas to the High Plains. “The board wanted the office to be closer to the area where most of the peanuts are grown,” she says. “Gaines and Terry Counties now have the largest peanut acreage.”

She says the move to Lubbock also puts the Texas Peanut Board near an International Airport.

“And we’re close to much of the state’s peanut research. Western Peanut Producers have a research facility at Denver City.” The Texas A&M Research and Extension Center at Lubbock provides another incentive.

“The job is going well,” Nutt says, after a few weeks on board. “This is a very interesting industry. It’s very political and includes a lot of different facets and a number of industry associations.”

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