$1 million loan to fund Texas guar facility

Rep. Larry Combest, R-Texas, announced that a guaranteed loan for $1.04 million that the USDA has approved would allow for the construction of a guar processing facility in Terry County, Texas

“This loan will prove to be a great benefit to guar producers, and it also should provide the Terry County economy with a significant boost,” Combest said. “The success of this facility will directly benefit our West Texas farmers.”

The facility will become only the second facility in the United States where guar is split, said Klint Forbes, a member and past president of the Southwest Guar Cooperative Association. The United States currently imports about 95 percent of the split guar used in the country.

Most split guar used in the country is imported from India and Pakistan, he said. Split guar is used to make ice cream, cottage cheese, shampoo, paper, and has other cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial uses.

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