8th annual R-CALF meet huge success

Mother Nature's recent wintry grip on most of the nation could not stop R-CALF USA's recently-held eighth annual convention from being a tremendous success, as attendance climbed well above 300, according to R-CALF USA Membership Services Coordinator Jenni Ries. The theme for this year's event in Denver, Colo., was “Building a Stronger U.S. Cattle Industry: Our Business, Our Future.”

“As the convention neared, we were concerned about the weather having a negative impact, but to the contrary, we saw a lot of new faces, strong representation from the southeastern U.S., and many folks who, though they could only get away for a day, made a point of coming to convention,” Ries said. “I think that says a lot for our members' sense of ownership in the organization — they know it's important to be at convention, and they know it's important to participate.

“I've got members calling this the best convention they've attended so far. This was my seventh R-CALF convention, and I'm proud that each year we give our members what they want, whether it's face-time with agency officials or the tools to craft industry-shaping policy.”

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