AccuQuest WM designed for glyphosate

Helena Chemical Company's new AccuQuest WM deposition agent and liquid ammonium sulfate (AMS) replacement helps improve the performance of glyphosate (including new Roundup WeatherMAX) and other post-applied herbicides.

AccuQuest WM is formulated with a unique blend of polymers, water conditioners, and defoaming agents that work together in a water-based solution of ammoniacal nitrogen to enhance herbicide deposition and performance.

AccuQuest WM works well in all situations — even in areas where hard water is a problem. AccuQuest WM contains polymeric sequesterants and chelating agents that prevent the deactivation of some herbicides by complexing the hard water cations. The result is increased uptake of glyphosate and other herbicides. Additionally, the form of ammoniacal nitrogen used in AccuQuest WM is recognized as an effective agent for enhancing herbicide uptake.

A special agent in AccuQuest WM physically modifies water-based spray mixes and improves their deposition by reducing the formation of driftable fines and droplet bounce. AccuQuest WM helps form droplets that stay on the plant — not hit and bounce off — and also help reduce drift.

AccuQuest WM is formulated to reduce crystallization. This means more herbicide gets into the plant, thereby improving herbicide efficacy. AccuQuest WM also has a special agent to reduce the foam generated by many herbicide products.

AccuQuest WM requires no special mixing or application methods. The product also contains corrosion inhibitors and line cleaners to help prevent spray application equipment.

For more information, go to Or, for crop specific information on uses for AccuQuest WM, contact: Frank Yopp, crop protection marketing manager at 901-752-4418, [email protected]

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