Ag Leader offers new SMS package

“I think people will be surprised by the things this software will do to help them make smart business decisions,” said Corey Weddle, desktop software manager for Ag Leader. “But I also think people will be pleasantly surprised at some of the things we’ve added to make the system easier to use and more efficient – without sacrificing power or costing a fortune.

“You don’t have to sit at the computer and wait for one process to finish before you can start the next. It really automates the process with the new ‘Batch Functions,’ for example. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can let the computer do the work,” added Weddle.

Ag Leader SMS Basic 4.0

Ag Leader’s powerful new SMS Basic 4.0 simplifies the management of field data, helping growers spend less time wrestling with data and more time squeezing profit out of their operation. This next-generation of precision farming software offers several key features, including:

-- A new “automated” Terraserver download that automatically imports field satellite images into the software.

-- A new split-planter tool that tracks split-planting and provides variety analysis – including the ability to layer planting and harvest maps, to easily make comparisons between varieties.

-- Direct support for Case IH and New Holland Voyager file formats.

-- Improved, user-friendly report and chart creation, viewing and printing.

-- User interface upgrades that make the software easier to use.

SMS Basic 4.0 also includes all of the features that made its predecessor, SMS Basic, the most user-friendly in the industry. SMS Basic 4.0 integrates seamlessly with Ag Leader monitor/control equipment, allows simple variable-rate prescription creation, and includes support for soil sampling analysis, field data layering and the ability to read from and export to a variety of popular industry standard formats.

Ag Leader SMS Advanced Software

Ag Leader’s much anticipated SMS Advanced Software was designed for those who want to perform more detailed analysis of their operations, without spending considerable resources to purchase or learn it. While the software features all of the new tools and enhancements found in SMS Basic 4.0 – as well as being completely compatible with it – SMS Advanced takes you to the next level of productivity and power.

SMS Advanced’s “Project” feature allows the user to set up separate data storage and management for each unique grower or customer. A manager can then seamlessly export each grower’s data out of SMS Advanced and into the grower’s copy of SMS Basic, allowing the growers to perform additional analysis if they choose. The Project feature also helps provide data security and integrity by breaking down the data into smaller and more secure groupings.

SMS Advanced also includes simple but powerful analysis tools that can run in “batch” mode. A “wizard” simplifies setting-up and running analysis and custom prescription formulas. Analysis functions are provided in order to average and normalize multiple years' worth of data, write equations to apply to the data, and compare different types of data (i.e., comparing yield by soil type).

SMS Advanced also provides the ability to track your financial inputs and outputs. This allows a user to keep track of field-level income and expense, and generate profit/loss reports for each field. This can be especially helpful in determining CRP designations, for example.

Extremely customizable, SMS Advanced allows for the design and editing of custom reports, charts, summaries, etc., making it easy to output reports in a consistent, easy-to-compare format.

SMS Advanced provides built-in support for viewing data in 3-D through a unique “Terrain View” program, as well as displaying a 3-D plot of your data. Both of these options help the user actually visualize field-level data and the factors that might be affecting yield results.

One other major addition – an exclusive “Calendar View” selection and summary tool – allows the user to instantly see when field actions took place. The calendar shows all your data for harvesting, planting, spraying, etc., which you can select for further analysis or mapping. This feature can provide insights into the data that you may have completely overlooked.

Both SMS Advanced and SMS Basic 4.0 work seamlessly with the Ag Leader PFadvantage system and the new INSIGHT precision farming system. Additionally, the software supports most of the popular proprietary precision farming systems including John Deere Greenstar GSY harvest files, New Holland CX/CR LOG files and Case IH Voyager files. The two software packages are supported by Ag Leader’s industry-leading technical support.

Ag Leader is a pioneer and recognized technology innovator of precision agriculture hardware and software. Located in Ames, Iowa, the company markets and manufactures industry-leading precision farming technology designed to help growers make smart, profitable business decisions. For more information, log on to the Ag Leader website at or call 515-956-7171.

e-mail: [email protected]

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