AgraQuest Inc. Launches Bariton Bio-Insecticide

AgraQuest, Inc., a leading provider of effective and safe pest management products, has announced the launch of its new insecticide, Baritone Bio-Insecticide. Baritone will be available throughout the United States effective immediately.

Derived from the kurstaki strain BMP 123 of the naturally occurring bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Baritone is a microbial insecticide effective on lepidopterous insects, including loopers, armyworms and moths. This new strain of kurstaki Bt — which is just as effective as older kurstaki strains, yet less expensive to produce — is new to the U.S. market.

“With Baritone we expect growers to see a per acre cost savings, while receiving the same control as they do from other Bt products,” said Chris Coombs, vice-president, North America for AgraQuest. “The introduction of Baritone offers growers cost sensitive, yet efficacious, control of crop-destroying pests.”

Baritone is available in a wettable powder formulation and is registered on a broad spectrum of vegetables, fruit, ornamentals and turf in the U.S.

Baritone marks the first insecticide product for AgraQuest. The company's other products in the commercial agriculture market include fungicides Serenade and Sonata An insecticide targeting sucking pests is currently being reviewed by the EPA.

“AgraQuest is focused on meeting grower demand for unique product solutions that target fungal and insecticidal pests with excellent efficacy, while also providing improved resistance management, residue, environmental, and worker safety profiles,” said Mike Miille, CEO-COO of AgraQuest. “Baritone is the first in a series of new products that AgraQuest will bring to market.”

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