Agribusiness: Lindsay acquires South African pivot maker

OMAHA, Neb. – Lindsay Manufacturing Africa (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Lindsay Manufacturing Co., has acquired Stettyn, a leading manufacturer of center pivots in South Africa. Headquartered in Bloemfontein, Stettyn specializes in small but standard height, 4-inch pivot systems, a new market segment for Lindsay.

“This acquisition launches Lindsay into a stronger position in the pivot market in South Africa and strengthens our position in Sub-Saharan markets,” said Rick Parod, Lindsay president and chief executive officer. “We will keep the two distributor networks separate and continue with the Stettyn brand name.”

The Stettyn center pivot is designed for the growing market segment of farmers who want an irrigation system for smaller parcels of land or who are converting dry land with scarce water supplies. This product complements Lindsay’s Zimmatic brand of center pivots, which serves farmers requiring larger irrigation systems.

Lindsay Manufacturing Co., with corporate headquarters in Omaha, Neb., is a global manufacturer with facilities in Nebraska, France, Brazil, and South Africa. Lindsay is recognized as a world leader in technology-driven irrigation systems including Zimmatic brand center pivots, mobile pivots, corner, and lateral move irrigation systems; Greenfield brand mini-pivots, towables, mini-laterals, and hard hose travelers; GrowSmart controls and resource management products; and LMC Secure financing and insurance products. For more information, visit

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