Agricultural income and finance view

In 2003, ARMS sampled 36,000 farm operators, doubling its sample size compared to previous surveys and thereby making available state-level estimates for 15 featured agricultural states. Farm operator households' share of agriculture's net value added increased from 34 percent in 2002 to 51 percent in 2003, with commercial farms accounting for almost 70 percent. Among the featured states, California farms had the highest average household income while Indiana farms had the lowest. For 2004, average net cash income is expected to increase for the typical farm operation in 6 of the 9 USDA resource regions. An increase is expected in household income in 2004 for the average farm household for each of the three USDA farm typologies (rural residential, intermediate, and commercial). The largest income gains expected in 2004 are for farm operations specializing in livestock other than beef cattle.

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