After sinus trouble, doing as well as expected, or almost

I recall, many years ago while I was plying this trade in the Southeast, seeing a poster in a South Georgia county agent’s office: “I’m not doing as well as I expected, but I never expected I would.”

I think I squeezed a commentary out of that little gem and I’m certain I’d have a tough time finding it now. But as events of last week unfolded I was reminded of that bit of whimsy.

Last Monday I wrote about my optimism that I would avoid the head cold that seemed hell-bent on knocking me for a loop.

Well I didn’t avoid it and even in my faux optimism never really thought I would. It was already too entrenched; the symptoms were already too obvious, and I already felt the energy oozing out of my pores.

But, stubbornly, I drove to Oklahoma, spent a miserable night in the hotel and left early the next day on a miserable drive home where the symptoms continued to get worse. The ones I predicted last Monday arrived on schedule: sore throat, aching sinuses, congestion, bone-tired feeling, cough and watery eyes.

I didn’t anticipate the earache, however. I didn’t expect the sleepless nights and the number of tissues I’d go through in a day. After about a hundred even the softest begin to feel like sandpaper.

After four days I finally gave up and went to the doctor. I know, stubbornness assumes that in a few days this stuff will simple go away and leave you alone and you’ll be back to your normal self. I gave up on that Thursday night.

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Antibiotics are wonderful. By Saturday afternoon I was feeling half-human again; by Sunday afternoon I could move from the sofa to the refrigerator without stopping halfway to rest. By Monday, most symptoms had diminished—not disappeared but diminished.

I’m still not back to full strength. The cough has not totally vanished and there is still a slight tickle in the back of my throat and tissues continue to pile up in the trash can. But compared to last week, I’m a new man.

I expect complete recover is still a few days away. Pat had this same affliction and two weeks out she’s still not symptom-free. Fortunately, she had recovered enough by last week to take care of me.

I still may not be doing as well as I expected, but I’m doing better than I thought I would three days ago.


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