Farmland film to depict challenges of agriculture’s new generation

My wife and I, her young aunt Diane and husband Ted, have a standing date on Friday nights—dinner and a movie. We’ve followed this schedule almost every weekend since Pat and I moved to Texas, more than 14 years ago.

Seeing that many movies means we’ve wasted some money on films that were pretty bad. We’ve watched a lot of trailers of movies we expected to be excellent and found them less than the hype promised. We’ve also been surprised by some “sleepers,” movies that got little promotion but proved to be quite good.

Whatever the quality of the entertainment, however, we always enjoyed the pleasant company with good friends. And we’ve often criticized, good natured of course, whoever “picked” the bad movie we just sat through.

I saw a trailer for one today that will be my pick when it comes out in the spring.

Farmland, a film about the challenges and opportunities of a new generation of American farmers is scheduled to reach theaters next spring. I’ve seen a trailer and I’m anxious to see the full version. Based on the short clip I watched earlier today, the film presents the challenges and opportunities faced by six young farmers—from the East Coast, down into the Sunbelt, across the Midwest and to the West Coast.

They explain the hazards of weather and capricious markets and the absolute demand for long hours of hard work. And one young man explains the reason he farms. “I’m living my dream.”


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These are the people we visit regularly, the young men and women who are living their dreams and providing food and fiber for the rest of us. It is encouraging that an award winning filmmaker, James Moll, has taken up the cause and is providing an opportunity for consumers “five generations removed” from the farm to see where their food comes from. The Farmers and Ranchers Alliance provided support for the effort. Check the trailer  and check local theaters come springtime to see the movie. And tell your friends. Dinner and movie would be an ideal opportunity to remind folks where their meals come from.


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