1973 IH 1100 PICKUP  is Ugly Truck Contest winner ldquoThe beauty of an IH was it was ugly to start withrdquo

1973 IH 1100 PICKUP is Ugly Truck Contest winner. “The beauty of an IH was it was ugly to start with.”

IH wins Ugly Truck Contest

The votes are in and counted in our inaugural Ugly Truck Contest. And the winner is: the 1973 IH 1100 pickup, submitted by proud owner J. Morris who described his entry: “The beauty of an IH was it was ugly to start with. Last use was driving a billboard for the Rotary Club Hamburger Day.”

Morris will receive a $100 gift certificate for his winning entry.

Farm Press would like to thank all our contestants for submitting some seriously ugly, beat up, rusty, well-worn trucks. We were encouraged to find so many farm operators practicing frugality. We were somewhat amazed that some of these vehicles remain in service but chalk that up to the creative ingenuity of farmers and ranchers. Judicious use of duct tape and baling wire also cannot be discounted.


Thanks again for your participation and for those of you who went on our website to support your favorite ugly truck. Here are some of the comments that propelled the IH to the top of the heap, if you’ll excuse the expression.

IH Truck is like no other. I wish someone would make him an offer.” So is it for sale, I wonder? How much?

“Number seven the International Harvester is the best; they were ugly when they rolled out of the factory but great farm trucks and nearly indestructible!!!!”  Must be a relative.

“IH rocks!” It probably clatters a bit, too, but that’s part of the charm.

“I vote for the IH. That's pretty ugly.” And that’s what we were looking for.

“IH is a beast!” But it’s a useful one.

“I vote for the IH. Hard working truck.” No argument.

“IH - Two other trucks couldn't pull the tractor out of the field. Our old IH could.” That’s a great reason to keep it around and away from the junk yard.

“IH is the definition of ugly.” That’s a good thing, since ugly was what we were looking for.

Again, thanks for your interest in our whimsical contest. We enjoyed seeing these old but reliable farm trucks and also the one that was restored to like-new conditions. There is just something about an old truck.

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