Ugly truck contest deadline is Aug. 31

I have received a few excellent contenders for the ugliest truck contest and also few I’d drive to the Senior Prom.

I’m looking for a few more.  But we will close down the contest on August 31.

I’ve seen some pretty beat up old trucks in my travels over the years and I’d like to show some appreciation for their service. Check around. Look in the back pasture and see if you might have left one back there a year or so back and just forgot about it.

Check behind your neighbor’s barn, too. You know he’s got some junk stashed out of sight somewhere—might as well take advantage of this opportunity.

Here’s the drill:

Send pictures to [email protected] . Honor that old but dependable pickup. Provide the make and year, and a note about how well it served the cause, if you will.

Photos made in a junk yard will be disqualified. Truck should be on the farm, in somewhat running condition, but that will be hard to determine from a picture. I still trust your integrity.

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