Clincher SF gets full label for Southern rice

Dow AgroSciences LLC has received a full Federal Section 3 label from EPA for use of Clincher SF herbicide for control of grass weeds in rice.

The label provides for use of Clincher SF in dry-seeded and water-seeded rice in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee and Florida. The product is currently registered in more than 20 countries, including Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.

Clincher is also available for use in California in 2002 under a Section 18 Emergency Exemption label. Final federal and state registration is expected later this year.

Clincher SF is a new postemergence grass herbicide containing the active ingredient cyhalofop-butyl. Clincher controls a wide spectrum of annual and seedling perennial grasses, such as barnyardgrass (including propanil and quinclorac resistant species), sprangletop, broadleaf signalgrass, knotgrass, fall panicum and junglerice.

It has a broad application window and may be applied from the 1-2 leaf stage up to 60 days before harvest.

“Clincher is proven safe to rice and is highly effective against problem grasses at low use rates,” sats John Breen, customer agronomist for Dow AgroSciences. “In dry-seeded rice, Clincher can be applied to 1-4 inch weeds pre-flood at a rate of 13.5 ounces per acre, either alone or in combination with certain other rice herbicides, or post flood at 13.5 to 15 ounces per acre for control of large grasses prior to heading. The keys are good coverage and avoiding drought-stressed weeds.

“In water-seeded rice, weeds should be at least 50 percent exposed at the time of Clincher application. If drained, fields should be re-flooded 24-48 hours after application to prevent new weed germination. The key here is good coverage.”

Clincher SF herbicide works by inhibiting the enzyme critical for fatty acid biosynthesis in grass weeds. The weeds cease growth immediately after treatment, and the newest leaves become necrotic within a week or so. Death follows within 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the weeds treated and weather conditions at application.

Categorized as a reduced risk pesticide, Clincher SF is rainfast within 2-3 hours and has a low risk of hazard to neighboring crops like cotton, soybeans, and vegetables. However, drift to sensitive crops such as corn, sorghum and peaches should be avoided. One quart of crop oil per acre should be added to the tank.

For the name of a local retail dealer in your area through which you may purchase Clincher SF herbicide, contact the Dow AgroSciences LLC Customer Information Center, via telephone, 1-800-258-3033, e-mail: [email protected], or contact your local Dow AgroSciences field sales representative.

For more information on Clincher SF herbicide, visit:

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