Clint Williams Co. makes acquistion

The Clint Williams Co. is proud to announce the full acquisition of Attebury-Williams, LLC properties in Plains, Welch, and Meadow, Texas, from the Attebury Grain Co. After a four-year joint venture with Clint Williams Co., the Attebury Grain Co. has decided to focus more on its core business dealings in the grain industry.

The Plains, Welch, and Meadow properties will now be joined with the Clint Williams Co. buying point in Levelland, Texas, for all Clint Williams West Texas High Plains locations to be operated as Clint Williams Co.-Western Division (CWC-W), designating each entity as to it's location. We will still be using the former Attebury-Williams, LLC office facility in Brownfield, Texas, as a CWC-W central management and data-center.

Along with the combination of all West Texas High Plains operations under the same CWC-W name, the Clint Williams Co. has also reorganized it's key-management people at those locations.

  • Mr. Chris Elkins of Brownfield, Texas, will be leading up CWC-W operations as “Area Manager — West Texas High Plains” working mainly out of the Brownfield office but spending time at all locations.

  • Mr. Bill Rogers of Wolfforth, Texas, will be coordinating all area activities related to procurement and seed operations as “Procurement and Seed Program Coordinator — West Texas High Plains” working mainly out of the Levelland office.

  • Mr. Lance Richolson of Brownfield, Texas, will be responsible for the Plains and Welch operations as “Plains and Welch Buying Point Manager”, with Mr. Gary Broome of Plains, Texas, as “Assistant Manager — Plains Location.”

  • Mr. Brian Wilson of Levelland, Texas, will be responsible for operations at the Levelland facility as “Levelland Buying Point Manager”, with Ms. Debra Damrell of Levelland, Texas, as the “Levelland Office Manager.”

  • Ms. Deborah Cox of Brownfield, Texas, will be overseeing all office and records-keeping activities as “Area Office Manager — West Texas High Plains” working mainly out of the Brownfield office.

With this new acquisition and combination of activities under the Clint Williams Co.-Western Division name the Clint Williams Co. feels that it can now better serve peanut grower customers in the West Texas High Plains area, making facility upgrades as necessary, while providing a top-notch management staff to work with them in all of their peanut farming needs.

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