Companies announce joint production of farm software

SST Development Group and FBS Systems announce that work has begun on joint production of the first software for crop producers that links accounting capabilities to a geographic information system (GIS).

The new financial interface will give producers and advisors the unique opportunity of evaluating the economic return of precision-farming practices.

The challenge in today's precision farming is not the lack of data, but rather transforming a growing mountain of data into timely, rational decisions, according to Norm Brown, president of FBS, developer of the interface.

“SSToolbox has earned a reputation as the most powerful GIS in agriculture through its ability to combine and analyze multiple years and sources of site-specific data,” says Brown. “Plugging that analytical power into the FBS financial management information system makes precision farming achieve its true potential.”

SST president David Waits says, “We're really pleased that FBS and SST are working together to produce a seamless integration for our respective products.” SST's comprehensive GIS provides automated data management, analysis functions and integrated import/export conversions for GPS receivers, controllers, yield monitors and soil laboratories.

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