Cotton stalk destruction deadlines

Cotton stalk destruction deadlines

Hurricane Hermine delayed cotton harvest in parts of south Texas, resulting in a request to the Texas Department of Agriculture to delay the cotton stalk destruction deadline.

The Chairman of the Zone 2 Cotton Producer Advisory Committee has sent a request to the Texas Department of Agriculture to extend the cotton stalk destruction deadline for Jim Wells County until October 1, 2010. This request was made because a significant percentage of cotton remains unharvested in Jim Wells County and harvest will be delayed due to rains from tropical storm Hermine.

 With the exception of Jim Wells County, other counties in Zone 2 Areas 2 and 3 reported 95 percent or more of cotton acres harvested, so no action was requested to extend the deadline for these counties.

Last month, TDA granted a blanket extension for counties in Zone 2 Areas 2 and 3, moving the deadline to September 22, 2010.The stalk destruction deadline remains at September 22 for Nueces, Kleberg, San Patricio and the southern parts of Bee and Live Oak Counties.

Producers in these counties with harvested, regrowth, and volunteer cotton have until the day of the deadline (September 22nd) to apply for an individual extension if necessary.

Extension request forms and instructions are available on TDA's Cotton Stalk Destruction webpage. Producers requesting extension on multiple fields will need to complete form RCD-901 and RCD-901A.

Completed forms should be faxed to TDA's Corpus Christi office toll free at (800) 909-8223.

Texas Department of Agriculture website is  To Navigate to Cotton Stalk Destruction, click "Programs", then click "By Name", then click "Cotton Stalk Destruction"

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