Dave Rhylander strategic accounts manager The Climate Corporation Deltapine greets some 140 NPE growers at the annual summit in  San Antonio

Dave Rhylander, strategic accounts manager, The Climate Corporation, Deltapine, greets some 140 NPE growers at the annual summit in San Antonio.

Deltapine offers four new XtendFlex varieties in 2016

Deltapine offers four new cotton varieties for 2016. Varieties feature improved yield, fiber quality and new herbicide technology

Deltapine will offer four new cotton varieties for 2016, all featuring improved fiber quality, high yield, and the XtendFlex weed control technology.

Keylon Gholston, product manager, and Dave Albers, cotton product development manager for Deltapine, announced the new varieties during the annual New Product Evaluator Program (NPE) Summit in San Antonio. NPE growers plant varieties on large plots and offer evaluations and feedback on the lines they test. Deltapine officials say the NPE data help determine which lines go forward in their program.

“What we’re most proud about with the Class of 16 is that it brings to the market not only varieties with improved yield potential over existing commercial lines, but also excellent fiber quality over and above many existing commercial lines,” said Gholston. The Deltapine Class of 16 cotton varieties includes:

DP 1646 B2XF, a new variety that demonstrates the ability to raise the bar on yield and fiber quality potential. Similar to DP 1050 B2RF, this variety is broadly adapted to the full-season markets of the Southeast, Mid-South, and Texas. In 2015 testing, DP 1646 B2XF showed yield potential equal to, or greater than, all top check varieties. In both high-stress environments and low-stress situations, this new variety outperformed existing commercial varieties.

Gholston says DP 1646 offers “a great yield potential and fiber package. It has small seed, but good vigor. Growers may want to watch seeding depth. This variety will be a good fit in both stressed and minimal stress environments.”

Characteristics: Mid-full maturity, outstanding fiber properties, broadly adapts to full-season environments. Best fit is for the Southeast, Mid-South. and Texas.

DP 1639 B2XF, a new mid-maturity variety that travels well across soil types and growing regions. It demonstrated improved fiber quality performance over DP 1538 B2XF. When planted on high-production soil types with good irrigation, DP 1639 B2XF may require aggressive PGR management. It has demonstrated stable yield performance.

Gholston says this variety is a semi-smooth leaf option that adapts well to the Southeast and East Texas. Albers says it has “a good fiber package.”

Characteristics: Mid to mid-full maturity, excellent fiber properties, and improved fiber length compared to DP 1538 B2XF. Best fit is the lower Mid-South, east Texas, and upper Southeast.

DP 1614 B2XF: Across 77 testing locations, it yielded on par with DP 1522 B2XF, but delivered much better fiber quality overall, including better staple and length. It also delivered better fiber quality than popular early-maturity competitor varieties. It has a maturity similar to DP 0912 B2RF and adapts well to a wide range of soil types. It demonstrated outstanding yield potential in NPE trials.

Gholston says this variety “fits well in the northern tier of the Cotton Belt.” Albers says fiber quality is also good.

Characteristics: Early maturity, yield similar to DP 1518 B2XF and DP 1522 B2XF, with improved fiber properties. DP 1614 fits management practices of early-season, high-yielding environments. It is widely adapted across the northern tier of the Cotton Belt

DP 1612 B2XF demonstrated stable, high-end yield performance in NPE plots and other testing in 2015. Its best fit appears to be the High Plains of Texas, especially north of Lubbock, where it won yield tests in both irrigated and in tougher, dryland conditions. It also showed good performance in the Mid-South. This variety has a large seed size and excellent seedling vigor. It responds well to PGR management.

DP 1612 has “good fiber strength and good micronaire,” Gholston says. “It has excellent early season vigor and stand establishment.” Albers says, “It’s an easy-to-manage variety.”

Characteristics: Early maturity, excellent fiber length and strength, yield potential similar to DP 1518 B2XF and DP 1522 B2XF. The best fit is the upper Mid-South, upper Southeast and west Texas.

The Bollgard II XtendFlex cotton technology, upon all regulatory approvals, will allow three modes of action over the top for a more flexible and reliable weed management program.

“We are very proud to bring the Deltapine Class of 16 to market, raising the standard for yield and quality potential in growing regions across the cotton belt,” says Gholston. “The hard work and dedication of the almost 200 Deltapine NPE farmers once again helps drive production advancements, moving our industry forward with the goal of making it more efficient and profitable to grow cotton.”

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