Fall takes flight on the Texas South Plains

Farm activities announce fall has arrived, harvest is on the horizon.  

It's a beautiful, fall day on the Texas South Plains. We woke to a full moon lingering, lighting up the western skyline and cool temperatures in the upper 50s. This afternoon, while fertilizer rigs were busy applying dry fertilizer on damp wheat ground, as farmers took advantage of the weekend's much-needed moisture, aerial applicators were flying fields defoliating cotton. 

There's something fascinating about watching air tractors fly the fields, nearly skimming the top of the cotton while spraying, only to quickly pull up, ascending high into the sky, looping around, and descending again. Take a look at King Ag Aviation's Pilot Robert Birney and B&W Aerial Spraying Pilot Jason Wooten as they spray Lamb County fields.

For more information about defoliation, Defoliation on horizon, tips to consider


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