Gallery: Cotton industry convenes in New Orleans

Cotton farmers, ginners, university scientists and industry representatives met recently in New Orleans to gather information on latest trends, new products, market movements and regulations that will affect cotton interests.

The three-day Beltwide Cotton Conferences included key reports on the increasingly difficult problem of controlling herbicide resistant weeds, updates on drone and smart phone technology, disease and insect control, new varieties, new products and emerging market trends.

Beltwide attendees also took the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from across the U. S. Cotton Belt as well as from a number of foreign countries. New Orleans hospitality was also sampled.

Attendance at the 2016 Beltwide Cotton Conferences was 1,037, according to sponsor the National Cotton Council. The 2017 Beltwide will be at Hyatt Regency Dallas, Dallas, Texas. January 4-6 (Wed - Fri).

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