Gallery: Oklahoma cotton crop producing well

Many Oklahoma cotton farmers will be thankful for one of the best crops they’ve made in years as they gather around Thanksgiving tables this week. Some say it’s the best cotton they’ve ever made, thanks to a winter of ample moisture and a few timely rains during the growing season.

It wasn’t all easy; a few weather bumps—too much rain, too cool, a dry spell or two, the typical challenges—provided enough stress to keep  folks interested. A spot or two of bacterial blight hurt yields in some areas, and prices are not nearly as high as farmers would like and need for them to be.

Still, with a lot of irrigated fields making nearly 4-bale cotton and dryland acreage pushing 2 bales, the outlook is promising.

The possibility of good yield is a welcome change from recent seasons when drought limited even irrigated farms to below breakeven production.

It’s a good week to express heartfelt thanks for a bountiful harvest.  

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