Meeting season brings folks together

Wintertime, beginning right after Thanksgiving and running well past Valentine’s Day, can also be tagged as “meeting season.” Commodity organizations, university Research and Extension, industry and other entities take advantage of the little bit of “downtime” between harvest and planting to offer farmers and ranchers, consultants, and, of course, the farm media, the opportunity to learn about new products, varieties, services and market outlooks.

Those who need them also get a last chance to earn valuable continuing education units (CEUs, which does not have an apostrophe, by the way) they need to keep pesticide applicator’s licenses current.

It’s a season we anticipate with a mix of hope and dread. The educational sessions will be helpful. The opportunity to see friends and colleagues will be pleasant. But the travel, especially for back-to-back or back-to-back-to back, etc. meetings does get tedious. The brisket lunches do get old. The hotel mattresses begin to feel like concrete.

We’ve covered several of those meetings in recent weeks and our expectations were met. Here are some memories from a few recent conferences.


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