NCC delegates display can-do spirit

Delegates to the National Cotton Council’s annual meeting last week heard a good deal of not-so- positive news about the state of the industry. Exports are off, and supplies are burdensome. Prices are down, and polyester is taking a chunk out of the fabric market share as oil prices continue to decline.

But there’s something about cotton folk that helps them push through hard times. That never-say-die attitude was again on display at the NCC annual meeting, held this year in Dallas, Texas.

Jimmy Dodson, a Nueces County, Texas, cotton producer, industry leader and recipient of the Harry S. Baker Distinguished Service Award for 2015, summed it up, quoting Winston Churchill, who said during the darkest hours of World War II: “Don’t quit. Never quit. Never, never, never quit.”

Dodson said now is not the time for those in the cotton industry to abandon ship.

Here are a few images from the NCC annual meeting.

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