Trait crop submission deadline extended

Cotton growers planting Monsanto products with Genuity traits have until Sept. 30 to file claims. Extension allows crop insurance adjusters additional time to verify loss before farmers destroy fields.  

Monsanto is extending the Trait Crop submission deadline for cotton from Aug. 31, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2011, for growers in Oklahoma, West Texas, Kansas and New Mexico, according to Harvey Schroeder, executive director of the Oklahoma Cotton Council.

This extension applies to all Monsanto products with Genuity cotton traits regardless of the brand of cottonseed, according to John C. Combest, Monsanto spokesman. "We are extending this date at the request of cotton growers to allow crop insurance adjusters additional time to verify losses before farmers destroy fields. The Sept. 30, 2011, date is the last date possible for claims to be filed and considered for crop loss reimbursement," he said.

Farmers must have purchased Monsanto Trait technologies from an authorized dealer and must meet all requirements for Roundup Rewards. The acres claiming crop loss must be destroyed for the crop loss to be paid and is subject to verification.

Any form of harvesting of affected acres will void the right to claim a cotton technology crop loss benefit. This extension is to accommodate the extra time needed to validate claim losses on irrigated acres due to severe drought conditions growers experienced this year. Acres that experience yield reduction or crop destruction attributable to wind, hail, flood, disease, pests or any other reasons during this extension period are not eligible for settlement under this submission deadline extension.

This change will have no impact or change in the deadlines and requirements for Drought Relief program submissions on dryland cotton acres.


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