One rain and ice event will not necessarily damage open cotton

One rain and ice event will not necessarily damage open cotton.

Will HP cotton quality suffer from recent weather?

Fiber quality loss from weather is a gradual process. Recent ice and rain may not have damaged High Plains cotton significantly

One spate of rain or ice on open cotton may not do serious damage to grade and quality, according to Texas AgriLife Extension reports.

Texas State Extension cotton specialist Gaylon Morgan, College Station, says the recent ice and rain events in the High Plains may not have been severe enough to cause significant concern.

Past studies, he says, have shown one such event usually does not adversely affect grade or quality to any significant degree.

“There’s no doubt that over time, fiber quality does decrease, but it’s a gradual process,” Morgan said. “And I don’t think the rain and ice storm is going to make a dramatic impact on fiber quality.”

Also, a single storm is not going to seriously delay the typical harvest time of cotton in the Texas High Plains or Rolling Plains, and that’s a factor that should be taken into account, he said.

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