Wheat production
The mature Hessian fly larva forms a dark brown eighthinchlong pupariummdasha hard barrelshaped case enclosing the pupae and commonly referred to as a flaxseed
Results of Brush Management efforts as part of the North Central New Mexico Watershed Restoration Project
Prevented planting provisions in the USDA Risk Management Agency federal crop insurance program  will strengthen the farm safety net Changes begin for some crops  next spring
Stephanie Walker New Mexico State University Extension vegetable specialist and researcher along with researchers the University of Florida is  collaborating with US Department of Agriculture breeding project that is developing the nutritious South American potato to be raised in the United States
Field day participants check new Deltapine varieties near Seminole Texas
Harvest time is an opportunity to evaluate
Winter canola could be an attractive alternative to wheat for teh 201617 marketing season
Canola may be a viable alternative to wheat for fall planting in parts of the Southwest this fall Budget numbers based on yield goals of 35 bushels per acre show profit potential according to Oklahoma State University economists
Farm equipment like this early cotton stripper has gone through significant change over the past fifty years as have other aspects of agriculture