CS Program still mystery to producer

Dear Editor,
I have tried to understand the much talked about CS Program (Conservation Security Program) but I am at the end of my wisdom. Maybe there is some one out there in the IT world who could enlighten me.

While we have heard a lot and received a lot of brochures and are asked to fill out a 17-page work sheet neither the county nor the state office of NRCS can provide me information (i) the detailed and not general terms to which I will be obligated; (ii) who will interpret these terms; (iii) what penalty may I face if I can not fulfill these terms and last but not least how much will I receive per acre if I submit to (a) crop rotation (b) limited tillage and residue management (c) chemical management.

All I learned was NRCS demands that I fill out the 17-page Self Assessment Workbook — provide soil analyses and sign up before I know what dollar amount per acre I may receive and there are no detailed rules available only deliberate phrased general rules.

We encountered in the last years in Texas substantial wet weather and warm temperatures which causes vigorous growth of ryegrass and other weeds. This forced me to apply an additional pass of chemicals or additional pass of field work than I promised under the pending CSP with NRCS. NRCS position in this case is - I am out of compliance and subject to “punishment.”

I am for conservation because after all the soil is our engine of income BUT I am greatly troubled to give up my right of managing my land to a bureaucrat in NRCS who has no relation to my land but only one interest to preserve or advance his career by implementing REGULATIONS.

I am appalled to hear from NRCS that they believe it is only just that they manage my land because NRCS provides me funds and I become their “hired hand.”

THANKS BUT NO THANKS — I am at risk to grow a crop and I will not give up my right to manage my land as I see fit — agriculture managed by commissars has a history of failure.

My wife and I - close to 70 - own and operate 7,500 acres in Delta County, Texas and Madison County, Va. as a true progressive family farm. We also believe that support payments to ALL farmers should be stopped because over 650,000 so called farmers have only an annual revenue - not income of less than $ 39,000 - and make a living not from farming but from non farming jobs. They produce inefficiently but cause the over supply.
Best regards,
Herb Putz

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