Deadline nears for producers enrolled in CRP

Texas and Oklahoma producers enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program have the opportunity to take advantage of emergency haying and grazing on their CRP acreage. CRP emergency haying and grazing has been approved at the national level for all counties in both states, but time is running out.

“Both activities are authorized through September 30 in Oklahoma,” says Rod Wanger, chief of conservation and special programs in the Oklahoma state office of the Farm Service Agency. “Cattle must be pulled off and hay must be cut by that date, but we allow for 10 days after that to remove the hay.”

Information on the Texas FSA Web site says emergency haying and grazing is approved there through Oct. 1.

Before haying or grazing their CRP lands, producers must take care of a few details:

• Obtain a modified conservation plan from the Natural Resources Conservation Service;

• File a request with the county FSA office indicating the acreage to be hayed or grazed;

• Receive an approval letter from FSA.

“Producers who choose to hay or graze their CRP lands will incur an 10 percent reduction in their annual CRP rental payment,” Wanger says.

Leasing or renting the haying and grazing privilege to another eligible producer in an eligible county is also an option, and Wanger notes that since all counties in Texas and Oklahoma are eligible, producers can rent or lease in either state.

“There are certain restrictions people must be aware of, for example, the hay can’t be brokered,” Wanger adds.

For complete details on requirements and restrictions for emergency haying and grazing, Wanger encourages producers to contact their county FSA offices as soon as possible.

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