Delta King Seed announces SoyDiesel Essay Scholarship

Delta King Seed is announcing its SoyDiesel Essay Scholarship Contest that is designed to fund higher education and to promote the development and use of SoyDiesel in the United States.

A total of $12,500 will be awarded to five different high school seniors or college freshmen, with each winner receiving an individual scholarship amount of $2,500. Eligibility is open to all college-bound high school seniors from high schools (public and private) located in a Mid-South, soybean-producing county and college freshmen.

Noal Lawhon, president and owner of Delta King, says, “The 2006 SoyDiesel Essay Scholarship is a continuation of our company's commitment to the U.S. soybean grower by promoting the use of SoyDiesel in the United States.

“Did you know that SoyDiesel is better than petroleum diesel for the environment because it is made from a renewable resource — soybeans — and reduces the sulfur emissions associated with standard petroleum diesel? Additionally, since SoyDiesel is made in the USA from a renewable resource, its use decreases our country's dependence on foreign oil and strengthens our national economy.”

To apply for the scholarship, a candidate must submit a completed application form along with an essay no longer than 700 words printed on double-spaced typed pages on the topic, “Why America Should Encourage the Use of SoyDiesel.” Students can obtain an application form from their high school principal, or they can download a form from

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