Diesel Pickups gaining in popularity

Have you noticed all the diesel pickups on the road lately? Nearly everybody's got to have one, and the bigger the better. People are driving pickups today that would have never thought of owning one a few years ago.

Soccer moms now drive diesel pickups. After all, those soccer balls and small kids are a heavy load to haul around. Retired people now drive diesel pickups. They need a heavy duty 4×4 diesel pickup to haul those heavy bags of groceries back home from the store. Businessmen with a weekend farm drive diesel pickups with 4 doors, and, of course, it must be a 4×4 so it won't get stuck when hauling that heavy, massive 4-wheeler to the ranch, or moving that 10 ton golf cart to the country club.

I have a theory on why so many diesel pickups are selling; it can't be because of the need for power. Therefore, I think diesel pickups have replaced the muscle cars of the 60's. I bet that retired guy hauling those groceries had a GTO when he was in high school. That soccer mom's dad probably never bought her anything to drive faster than a Pinto (although she really wanted an SS 396), so she's ready for some serious power now. That weekend farmer's hot Mustang that he drove in high school has been replaced by that big, bad diesel pickup, and it must pull more than his neighbor's pickup.

Muscle cars are things of the past — muscle diesel pickups are things of the future, and you have a large selection when you decide to stop “going smokeless” and buy one.

Ford calls the diesel engine in their pickup the “Powerstroke.” See, the name just sounds big and bad. Dodge and Chevy owners call it the “PowerJoke, or Powersmoke.”

Dodge calls their diesel engine the “Hummin' Cummins Turbo Diesel.” Ford and Chevy owners just call it the “Goat.”

Chevy calls their diesel engine the “Duramax.” Now, that sounds pretty tough. Dodge and Ford owners simply call it the “Duradud.”

So, I guess it goes without saying that diesel pickup owners are very proud of what they drive. You hear about bets going on out there on which of the diesel pickup will pull the most, just like bets on the fastest muscle cars of the past. I've seen pickups on TV pulling up huge stumps, pulling big planes off the ground, and even pulling trailers so fast that they had to have a parachute to stop them.

Which pickup do I think pulls the best? Well, of course, the one you are driving pulls the best. I don't want to get caught up in that pulling trap because I really believe the one that pulls the best probably has the most expensive chip in it.

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