Donahue's Weigh-N-Haul stock trailer features electronic indicator

Donahue Corporation is now offering a new innovation in stock trailers called the Weigh-N-Haul. This trailer has a built-in 20,000-pound platform scale equipped with six weigh bars, electronic indicator, printer and a cable to download information onto personal computers.

You simply enter each animal's I.D. number as you load and weight is recorded into the indicator memory. The electronic indicator will perform many functions for accurate record keeping. Some programs in the indicator are:

  • Easy to read manual.

  • Can record 50,000 individual records on 200 files.

  • Individual weights can be recorded by animal I.D. number.

  • Indicator will give gross, average, high and low weights of each load.

  • Future weighing of an individual I.D. number will automatically give current weight, previous weight and weight per day gained.

  • An optional scanner can be added allowing you to scan ear tags, rather than typing in Î.D. numbers.

The trailer is constructed with the same tough built quality all Donahue trailers have — one-eighth inch steel lower side walls, Galvannealed sheet metal sides, top and gates. A full seven-inch inside width with no fender wells, six feet, nine inch inside height, smooth outside styling makes it the easiest towing trailer in the industry.

Call or write for free information at the Donahue Corporation, P.O. Box 126, Durham, KS 67438. Telephone (800) 457-7406, or visit our website at for information on the company's agricultural and industrial trailers.

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