Environment continues to get better

EPA's most recent report on the “State of the Environment”, despite claims to the contrary by enviro extremists, shows continued improvement in nearly all measurable environmental conditions. This was characterized by EPA saying, “That the quality of the nation's air, water and land appears to be improving or ‘holding its own’ under the increasing stress of a growing economy and a growing population.”

The EPA report went on to say that overall air quality, based on the measure of six pollutants that have declined over 25 percent in the last 30 years. Acid rain has decreased 20-30 percent from 1991 levels.

In 2002 90 percent of the nation's population had access to community water systems which met health-based drinking water standards.

Uncontrolled releases of industrial toxic wastes have dropped 48 percent.

Closer to home Georgia's Department of Natural Resources has comments on the fact that large game is more plentiful than ever despite a large increase in the number of hunters. In many counties deer are becoming a menace to crops and vehicles. The bald eagle is now plentiful and ranges throughout the state. Fourteen new species of birds have expanded their range into north Georgia. Other states in the South report similar findings.

Still many environmentalists continue to cry their doom and gloom message — “the sky is still falling”. Why can't they wake up and see the forest instead of just the trees?

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