EPA lifts restrictions for Intrepid 2F

Rotational crop restrictions for Intrepid 2F insecticide have been lifted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), thanks to a series of new Section 3 label approvals awarded to Dow AgroSciences LLC.

The new labels allow use of Intrepid 2F for control of lepidopteran pests in a number of fruit, vegetable, nut, and specialty crops. For these and other registered crops, no re-cropping interval is now needed. A seven-day interval is required for other crops grown for food and feed.

“This is a significant development, especially for vegetable producers,” states Lee Conway, marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences. “Prior to adding these labels, growers were forced to wait nearly a year before replanting leafy vegetables and root and tuber vegetables into fields treated with Intrepid 2F, and some other crops could not be considered for rotation at all.

“Now they can have the residual control of Intrepid 2F to work on worm pests year round.”

The new labels allow use of Intrepid 2F insecticide on stone fruit, grapes, fruiting vegetables, most tree nuts, pistachios, corn (including field and sweet corn), cole (Brassica) crops, leafy vegetables, turnip greens, globe artichoke, cranberry and a number of specialty crops including lychee, longan, Spanish lime, rambutan and pulasan.

Intrepid 2F is an insect growth regulator effective against many species of lepidopteran insects, but has not demonstrated any toxicological effects to most beneficial insects, mites, and pollinators such as lady beetles, lacewings, parasitic wasps, and bees.

The active ingredient in Intrepid — methoxyfenozide — mimics the natural insect molting hormone, inducing a premature lethal molt of the larvae within hours of ingestion. Intrepid offers extended residual activity of at least 14 days on treated foliage.

Pest spectrum, application rates and pre-harvest intervals vary from crop to crop. Growers should consult the Intrepid 2F insecticide label, local Cooperative Extension Service specialists, certified crop advisors, or Dow AgroSciences representatives for additional recommendations on proper application and timing.

For the name of a local retail dealer in your area through which you may purchase Intrepid 2F insecticide, contact the Dow AgroSciences Customer Information Center, via e-mail: [email protected], telephone, 1-800-258-3033, or contact your local Dow AgroSciences field sales representative. For more information on Intrepid 2F insecticide, visit: www.dowagro.com/label/product_select.asp.

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