EPA registers FMC's new Gauntlet for soybeans

FMC Corporation will launch a new pre-emergence soybean herbicide under the trade name Gauntlet. Gauntlet was registered this ummer by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The new herbicide combines sulfentrazone, the active ingredient in Authority herbicide, and cloransulam-methyl, the active ingredient in FirstRate herbicide manufactured by Dow Agrosciences.

"These products compliment each other very well," says Mike Steffeck, Gauntlet product manager. "Sulfentra-zone provides excellent control of weeds like waterhemp, nightshade, lambsquarters and nutsedge, while cloransulam-methyl is outstanding on giant ragweed, cocklebur, and wild sunflower. Together, Gauntlet will control a wider spectrum of broadleaf weeds than any other pre-emergence soybean herbicide on the market.

"Soybean growers have always wanted a simple one-pass approach to weed control. When combined with a grass herbicide like Treflan, Pendimax or Command, Gauntlet will provide season-long control of grasses and broadleaves in one pre-emergence application. Furthermore, Gauntlet can be applied to all soybeans regardless of soil type, soil pH or corn rotation," Steffeck notes.

More information about Gauntlet will be announced later this year.

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