registers Glyphosate 4 for RR crops has announced its Glyphosate 4 herbicide is now widely available across the U.S. Glyphosate 4 is labeled for use over-the-top in Roundup Ready cropping systems, pre-harvest in wheat and for pre-plant or pre-emergence uses in conventional crops.

Its surfactant loading is the same as Roundup Original and Glyphosate 4 performs equivalently on annual grasses and broadleaves, in tank-mix combinations with residual herbicides, or for perennial weeds and woody brush control.

Glyphosate 4 contains the familiar isopropylamine salt in a four pound formulation. It is compatible with many classes of adjuvants that enhance plant uptake or mitigate drift problems.

“Growers have asked us to offer glyphosate since our inception,” said CEO Butch Frazee, “so we are pleased at long last to add the glyphosate molecule to our growing line of herbicides.” has long championed the benefits of the glyphosate-Roundup Ready system on its Website, but criticized the high cost of its inputs to growers in the U.S. compared with those of other countries.

“Our quality-value proposition begins by first leveling the playing field for U.S. producers,” Frazee added, “and then by providing a full range of options in the level of service producers prefer when buying any of our products whether they grow cotton in the South or tree fruit and vines across the nation.”

Glyphosate 4 is available now in 4 X 30 gallon drums, 275-gallon mini-bulks or in bulk loads. For an up-to-date list of states in which registration has been granted or to find a local retail outlet click on or contact us at 800-979-8994.

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