Finish 6 Pro adds value to harvest aid tank mix

Cotton growers want top returns from their crop input investments. When it's time to defoliate the crop, nothing should be left to chance — especially the harvest aid product they select. And this year that comes with a price reduction.

“Finish 6 Pro is one of the few harvest aids that functions both as a defoliant and a boll opener,” said Steve Olson product manager, Bayer CropScience. “That gives the product tremendous value as a foundation for any harvest aid program. With the price reduction, the value of Finish 6 Pro is more apparent than ever.”

The product can go out alone or as a tank-mix partner with defoliants such as Ginstar, Def and Dropp, Olson said. Growers should employ a one- or two-shot approach based on environmental conditions, canopy density and other factors.

A well-executed defoliation program can also play an important role in preserving lint quality. Poor defoliation will result in leaf grade discounts of 100 points or more depending on additional quality parameters.

“Growers can avoid color discounts with a properly timed defoliation. Growers who use Finish 6 Pro can get to harvest three to five days faster. That's three to five days the crop isn't unnecessarily exposed to discount-causing bad weather,” Olson said.

“Merchants want quality cotton,” he said. “Growers should put together a harvest aid program that preserves the quality they have earned. Otherwise, they run the risk of leaving some of their profits in the field.”

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