GeoShack opens store in Lubbock, Texas

GeoShack continues to grow its agriculture division with the opening of a new store in Lubbock, Texas.

Billy Tucker, agricultural business unit manager, stated “Lubbock is a critical location for the growth of our ag business in West Texas. We are very excited to bring Topcon's complete line of precision agriculture technology to the Texas panhandle farming region.

“Our Lubbock location is staffed with an experienced sales specialist and Topcon certified technician who are ready to support and train you on all aspects of precision farming.”

GeoShack is the leading supplier of Topcon Precision Farming Tools, everything from guidance and auto steering to variable rate technology, from surveying to land forming, as well as supplies and accessories. The company will service all makes and models of lasers and grade controls, and with a field service technician who will come to a specific location GeoShack can take care of all installation and field repair needs.

Call or come by and let GeoShack demonstrate how precision farming is more than just steering a tractor.

GeoShack is located at 4523 Hwy. 84, Lubbock, Texas 79416. The phone number is 1-806-771-9524.

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