Global crop production addressed

Many farmers and most researchers are familiar with the initials PPI. Now they need to begin becoming familiar with a new set of letters: IPNI.

IPNI stands for International Plant Nutrition Institute, which its founders call “a new global, scientific, agronomic organization,” which will take the scientific staff of Potash and Phosphate Institute, add nitrogen and expand it into the international arena.

The board of directors of the Potash & Phosphate Institute has committed its scientific staff to the new global IPNI organization, PPI officials said. By the end of 2006, PPI will be fully integrated into IPNI. Thereafter, PPI will no longer exist.

Scheduled to officially begin operations Jan. 1, IPNI will immediately have effective scientific programs in place in North America, Central and South America, China, India, and Southeast Asia. IPNI anticipates promptly establishing such programs in Western and eastern Europe as well as in the Middle East. “The new organization will be composed of fertilizer industry companies that are basic producers of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulfur for agricultural use,” said William J. Doyle, chairman of PPI and president and CEO of PotashCorp, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

“Large retail organizations that will not qualify as basic producers of N, P, K, or S may qualify as associate members. The purpose is to help provide a coordinated scientific foundation for fertilizer nutrient use and to scientifically address associated environmental issues.”

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