North and Central Texas poised to make excellent wheat crop

Texas wheat farmers from Central Texas to the Northeast corner of the state are poised to make one of the best crops in recent memory. The combination of ample rainfall through fall and winter, mild weather and an early spring make bin-buster yields possible, say farmers and Texas AgriLife Extension specialists.

“We’re on the five-yard line,” says Leonard, Texas, wheat and corn farmer Ronnie Lumpkins. “We don’t need a fumble; we don’t need an interception; we don’t need an off-sides. We just need to get into the endzone.”

Pat Fallon, who farms with his brother Mike near Howe, Texas, says wheat was good last year but thinks production will be up several bushels per acre for the 2012 crop.

“I think wheat yields will please everyone his year,” says Eric Williams from near Fairlie, Texas. He says growing conditions since last fall “were nearly ideal.”

Farmers are reluctant to predict final yield and say the crop is still not in the bin but most agree that at least for part of Texas wheat looks more promising than it has in years.

Texas AgriLife Extension integrated pest management specialist Jim Swart, Commerce, expects farmers to harvest some 80-bushel wheat and says 100 bushels per acre is not out of the question in some fields.

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