Sorghum Checkoff launches online sorghum profitability calculators

Profitability calculators evaluate sorghum potential Available online Improves ability to identify markets, production opportunities

The Sorghum Checkoff announces the release of three online sorghum profitability calculators that allow sorghum growers to determine the value sorghum can offer their operations.

The three calculators give sorghum farmers the ability to determine potential return on investment with sorghum, identify their market expansion opportunities, and compare the value of additional marketplaces.

“These interactive models allow growers to input their own information to find out what sorghum can do to improve their bottom line,” said Florentino Lopez, Sorghum Checkoff marketing director. “Many growers can benefit by knowing the potential they have with sorghum, or how much more they can capitalize by doing a little investigating on markets in their area. These online calculators can help growers get a clearer picture of their sorghum market opportunities.”

The sorghum profitability calculators are also available on DVD and can be mailed upon request. To download the calculators online, visit and use the ‘Sorghum Production’ tab to access the sorghum profitability calculators. Request a DVD by emailing [email protected] or call (877) 643-8727.

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