Texas corn production a bit above average

Across Texas, corn production is up and down, says David Gibson, executive director for Texas Corn Producers Board. “The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) estimated yield of 138 bushels per acre seems to be pretty accurate with what we're hearing from farmers across the state and seeing in the Panhandle as of right now,” he says.

“The Panhandle and South Plains corn crop is looking to come in with about average or even a little better than average yields compared to what we've seen historically,” Gibson says.

“We've heard from farmers south of Dallas, in the Blacklands area, that most yielded just above what they were expecting for the year, and it's overall an average crop.”

It’s not quite that good further south. “The Coastal Bend and South Texas had some areas with good yields and some that didn't fare as well this year. Overall though, we're expecting about an average corn crop statewide this year or even a little above average.

Producers in Northeast Texas are completing harvest of what is a surprisingly good crop, as the harvest pictures here indicate.

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