USA Rice Council adopts resolution supporting hundredweight standard

The USA Rice Council passed a resolution encouraging all segments and states within the U.S. rice industry to adopt hundredweight (CWT) as the standard unit of measurement for all rice and 55/70 as the standard milling yield used for pricing long-grain rice.

The resolution reads: “It is time for the industry and all states to use one language to provide clarity and understanding for everyone from producer to miller. To that end, the USA Rice Millers’ Association, USA Rice Producers’ Group and USA Rice Merchants’ Association have adopted this resolution. It is our hope that you will join us in creating a more unified industry through the use of one standard.”

The case for a single, standard commercial measure for rice is outlined in Hundredweight in Rice — A Case for Standardization, now posted on the USA Rice Federation web site. Supporters of the proposal to adopt hundredweight as the single standard of commercial measure for rice believe that the practice will help simplify references used in analysis and forecasting of rice markets in commercial trade.

Currently, hundredweight, barrels and bushels are all used as units of commercial measure.

The Rice Council is also recommending the standard milling yield for long-grain rice be officially set at 55/70 (55 percent head rice/70 percent total milled rice), the industry standard and Chicago Board of Trade basic standard for delivery price for long-grain rice. Some variances currently exist from state to state (and possibly from mill to mill). Adopting an official standard will further help simplify commercial trade within the industry.

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