Hy-Energy ryegrass offers longer grazing

Following the successful introduction of Hy-Energy Brand Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass, Hytest Seeds announces that supplies will be expanded for the 2002-2003 planting season.

Hy-Energy annual ryegrass offers beef and dairy producers a high yielding, highly palatable forage that provides a two- to three-week longer grazing period than other diploid and tetraploid types, including Gulf.

Ideal for extended winter grazing, Hy-Energy annual ryegrass produces high yields with aggressive forage growth, excellent palatability and high crude protein levels. This “next generation” tetraploid also produces a larger leaf mass than other diploid and tetraploid types, with excellent rust resistance, vigor, and very good heat and cold tolerance characteristics.

Adapted for over-seeding pastures in Southern and Mid-South areas from eastern Texas to the East Coast, Hy-Energy brand annual ryegrass is an excellent variety suited for rotational and continuous grazing, as well as for hay and haylage production.

For more information contact Charlie Maddux, forage specialist with Hytest at 1-800-700-9620.

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