For Lay-By Spray-Hood: Redball introduces stacker bar

Redball's innovative Lay-By Spray-Hood toolbar now is available as a stacker bar. The stacker bar option allows row units to remain parallel to the ground when the bar is folded for transportation and storage.

It is available as a complete bar, or as a retrofit kit for Redball's most popular Lay-By Spray-Hood toolbars, which are used for post-direct spraying in Roundup Ready cotton.

The stacker bar uses a hydraulically driven parallel linkage to rotate the wing holding the outer row units up and toward the center of the toolbar. Stacker bars are available on 8-, 10- and 12-row units with 36- to 40-inch row spacings, and 12- and 16-row units with 30-inch spacings. Retrofit kits are available for 8-, 10- and 12-row bars with 36- to 40-inch row spacings.

The stacker bar option reduces wear on hoods and linkages while being transported. It also allows the sprayer to remain folded for compact storage, says Steve Claussen, president of Redball LLC. On Lay-By Spray-Hood bars with folding wings, Redball recommends that wings be lowered for storage.

A 12-row Lay-By Spray-Hood stacker bar for 36- to 40- inch rows (less tank and pump) lists for about $11,500. Updating a current 12-row folding unit to the new stacker design costs about $3,900 plus labor.

In addition to the new stacker bar, Redball also has broadened its Lay-By Spray-Hood lineup with a new ultra-narrow-row hood. The hood, which is 10 inches wide, makes it possible for growers who plant cotton in ultra-narrow-rows to extend their Roundup Ready cotton weed-control window.

For information and to locate your nearest Redball dealer, contact Redball LLC at P.O. Box 159, 140 30th Ave. SE, Benson, Minn. 56215, call 1-877-332-2551, or visit Redball on the Web at

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