West Texas color gallery shows beauty of High Plains fall

West Texas may not be known for brilliant fall colors. The foliage may not be as varied and the leaves may not be as dazzling as they are in the Northeast or in the Appalachian Mountains. Mesquite, red cedar and prickly pear offer little in the way of brilliant autumn colorscapes. But if you get off the main roads and pay attention to the canyons, the mesas, and the rangelands that make up large areas of the Texas High Plains, you’ll come to appreciate the sometimes subtle variations in color, the muted reds, the splashes of yellow, the odd golden-leaved tree standing tall and conspicuous among the dusty green of smaller brush and the browns of dried up native grasses.

And over it all is the brilliant blue of a Southwest sky, innocent of even the wispiest of white cloud. A recent drive from Lubbock to Stillwater, Oklahoma, took longer than anticipated because of the many photo opportunities encountered along the scenic route that winds east and a tad south from the high Plains and then east and north into central Oklahoma.

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