Mahindra adds two models to 00 Series

Mahindra USA, Inc. announces two new models in the Mahindra 00 Series, the 6000 4WD and the 5500.

The 6000 4WD, with a 59 hp engine and lift capacity of 3,968 pounds, is a four-cylinder tractor with a four-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled diesel engine and an independent dual clutch.

Standard features include a Forward-Reverse Synchro-Shuttle with full synchromesh transmission, eight forward and eight reverse gears, hydrostratic power steering, wet disc brakes and an Open Center, full-live with position and draft control hydraulic system.

The 6000 4WD is clearly another example of Mahindra's ability to produce hard-working, high value tractors.

Outfitted with the same engine as the 6000 4WD, the 5500 is a 54 hp tractor with a dual clutch that is also capable of lifting up to 3,968 pounds. Equipped with a partial synchromesh transmission, eight forward and two reverse gears, hydrostatic power steering, fully closed dry disc brakes and an Open Center, full-live with position and draft control hydraulic system, the 5500 has an MSRP of only $15,300.

The 6000 4WD and 5500 models join the 4500 and 6000, which were introduced for the U.S. market last year.

The 00 Series is a new line of modern utility tractors that feature world-class engines, transmissions, superior ergonomics and sleek styling. All models in the 00 Series come with a three-year engine and power train warranty.

With the additions of the 6000 4WD and 5500, Mahindra now offers a total of 12 two-and four-wheel drive tractors in the 20-50 hp range. Several other models are also in various stages of development for the U.S. market.

Mahindra has a reputation for building workhorses with sturdier frames, more heavy-duty components and higher lift capacities than other brands. This provides greater stability and control, as well as the ability to handle larger implements so customers can get their work done faster.

Mahindra's popularity is growing due to high customer satisfaction and customer referrals. A recent survey showed 97 percent customer satisfaction with Mahindra tractors and they recommend them to their friends and family.

With demand on the rise and its expansion into new states, Mahindra is attracting new dealers to its current network of some 150 dealers. As a result, Mahindra USA just completed a multi-million dollar expansion of its Texas-based headquarters to further insure exceptional dealer and customer support, including technical assistance, service support and delivery of parts in 24 hours.

Mahindra is also adding a new distribution center in the U.S. by year-end. Mahindra USA is based in Tomball, Texas.

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