AGFUND backs Hutchison for Texas governor

When it comes to selecting the next governor of Texas, the choice boils down to one question for farm and ranch families in the Lone Star State: Which candidate can you trust?

“Time and again U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has earned both our trust and respect by listening to our concerns and acting on issues that matter,” said Kenneth Dierschke, president of the Texas Farm Bureau and TFB’s Friends of Agriculture Fund, Inc. (AGFUND).

“Sen. Hutchison has been a leader in the U.S. Senate on agriculture and property rights issues,” Dierschke said. “She has always provided ready access to rural Texans and she has made some tough votes and demonstrated leadership on the issues.”

Dierschke cited many examples of her support for Texas agriculture. Among them: her record in dealing with the Endangered Species Act, property rights issues, health care reform, the Farm Bill, the Clean Water Act and various trade issues.

“In every area of the state, from the Rio Grande to the Panhandle, Sen. Hutchison has strongly supported Texans whenever they’ve needed her most,” Dierschke said.

One of the most important issues for all Texans has been Sen. Hutchison’s ongoing efforts to secure the deductibility of our state sales taxes on federal income tax returns, Dierschke said.

“Most other states’ residents can deduct state income taxes on their federal returns,” he noted. “But states like Texas that rely solely on sales taxes previously could not take advantage of similar deductions. Sen. Hutchison has worked diligently to see that we can.”

On farm issues in particular, the senior senator from Texas has stood strong for farmers and ranchers from the Lone Star State, Dierschke added. Sen. Hutchison secured funding to help ranchers rebuild as their livelihoods evaporated in the horrific wildfires of 2006. When debates arose over implementation of farm policy, Sen. Hutchison worked to ensure fair treatment to both landlords and tenants.

“Sen. Hutchison has built a career of doing what’s best for Texas, and we believe she will offer fresh leadership for Texans in the Governor’s office,” Dierschke said. “It’s time for a new approach to the issues. It’s time for new faces among boards and other officials appointed by the governor. It’s time for Kay Bailey Hutchison to be governor of Texas.”

AGFUND is Texas Farm Bureau’s Political Action Fund. It is a legal entity separate from the Texas Farm Bureau and may endorse and contribute financially to political candidates. AGFUND is funded only by voluntary contributions from TFB members.

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