Algae Commercialization, Research and Business Networking Forum Jan. 29-30

The National Algae Association is the first national trade association for the algae industry in the United States. Algae is a renewable fuel, does not affect the food channel and eats C02. An algae oil production plant can be co-located next to a coal-fired plant to help sequester C02 in exchange for carbon credits. Algae oil can be converted into fuels such as jet fuel, biodiesel, and biogasoline. The byproduct biomass is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bio-plastics and organic fertilizer. The NAA brings algae researchers and companies together to share ideas and exchange information to overcome technological hurdles.

Current high oil prices, the collapse of food-for-fuel initiatives and concerns about increased levels of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere have all created awareness of the need for alternative fuel solutions. Algae has emerged as one of the lowest cost feedstocks for the biofuels and cellulosic industries.

Recent breakthroughs in raceway pond development and closed-end loop photobioreactor systems put algae oil production companies on the leading-edge of the renewable oil industry.

When: Jan. 29-30, 2009

Where: The Sheraton North

Houston, Texas


For more information, contact 936.321.1125

TAGS: Management
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